7 Fundraising Stats to Help You Analyze Your Annual Fundraising

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In the midst of your year-end fundraising, you may also be looking ahead to 2018, especially if your organization’s fiscal year corresponds to the calendar year. Here are 7 stats you can output from your donor database to help you plan for 2018. Run all of these statistics for each year for the last five years (2013 – 2017). This should help you see trends and identify areas of emphasis for next year's fundraising plan.

New donors acquired

  • How many new donors did your organization acquire this year?

  • Of donor prospects solicited, how many responded (acquisition rate)?

Retention rate

  • Of those donors who gave last year, how many gave again this year?

  • Of those donors whose first gift was last year, how many gave again this year?

Dollars raised by donor type

  • What percentage of the dollars you raised last year came from individuals, foundations, businesses etc.?

  • What percentage of gifts given came from these donor types?

Dollars raised by channel

  • What percentage of dollars raised came from mail, online giving, events, in-person asks, telephone and/or grant proposals?

  • What percentage of gifts given came from these channels?

Dollars raised by appeal

  • Which solicitations were most successful last year in dollars raised, number of gifts and average gift size? Check out this post for more ideas on analyzing your solicitation success.

Dollars raised by fund

  • How were total dollars raised broken out by funds/designations?

  • How were the total number of gifts allocated among funds/designations?

Dollars raised by campaign priority

  • If you are in a fundraising campaign, what was your total dollars raised by priority?

  • What were the total number of gifts given by priority?

For more tips on measuring your fundraising success, please check out Metrics: Set and Attain Goals for Fundraising Success, from Fundraising Nerd’s Make Your Donor Data Work webinar series.

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