Get Your Stuff Together, 2009

Two sites that I've found incredibly helpful for handling what needs handling:

1) Remember the Milk, a totally awesome to-do list organizer featuring tags, multiple lists and lots more goodies. You can access it from your mobile phone, email yourself to-do items and more. Yes!

I'm trying the "almost-zero" inbox thing. RTM is totally helping by moving to-do data out of my inbox and into a to-do management system. Much better.

2) Mint, a personal finance tracker. It connects to your bank's website, downloads your transactions, and automatically categorizes them for you. Mint's expense charting is fantastic. I learned that I spent way too much money on dining out -- crazy amounts. The budget creation capabilities could use some enhancements, but it does get the job done.

I'm on a two-weeks' vacation starting now. See ya in 2009! Check back in January, dear readers, when the drear of winter will foster regular postings.

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