Fantastic Tips on Computer Security

As an independent consultant entrusted with data, security is always one of my top concerns. This Lifehacker blog post on system security by Patrick Allan contains excellent advice -- both what to do if your system is compromised, and how to defend your data in the first place. Your data is one of your most valuable assets, and protecting it is key to building donor trust. If you aren't convinced of this, just look at the Target data breach -- it's been months, and we are still talking about it!

Some key takeaways from Allan's piece (but really, read the whole thing):

  • Use both anti-virus and anti-malware protection
  • Use VPN when connecting to public wifi
  • Test your firewall for vulnerabilities
  • Know computer security basics -- the user is the weakest link

If you missed my March newsletter, here's a link to a fascinating talk on data security (scroll down).


Amanda JarmanComment