Watch out Beaverton, Tacoma and the Internet! Upcoming Speaking Engagements

Fundraising Nerd is coming to town.

I'm excited to share a few speaking engagements I have coming up in the next couple of weeks.  If you live near Beaverton, Tacoma, or the Internet, I hope you can make it.

You clearly live near the internet, so it's a possibility.  And that one's gonna be fun: pivot tables!  With Jennifer MacCormack from University of Washington -- she is super-smart, and we both love pivot tables an insane amount.  That's coming up on Wednesday, 11/20.

Then again, my presentation on putting metrics to the test in Tacoma, WA on Monday, 11/18 will be awesome (mostly awesome for me), for a variety of reasons.  A) I am going to get to hang out with a conference full of nerds and learn from them!;  B) I get to talk about an easy practical application of linear regression; and C) I love Tacoma: it's where I went to high school and I'll get to see some friends.  This should be a fun day, and the conference will includes a variety of smarties speaking on interesting topics: strategic planning, analytics and records management.  There's still space available, and I'd highly recommend registering if you are able to make it to Tacoma next week.

And, soonest of all (Friday!), database basics in Beaverton is going to be pretty awesome too.  I always love it when someone says to me, "My organization only has an Excel spreadsheet to track our donors."  It's so exciting!  Being able to set everything up yourself, correctly, from scratch, when you have few enough records to literally touch each one... ah... heaven.  But I'm a weirdo.  For most people, this is not a heavenly scenario, and can even be terrifying.  I'm looking forward to making it a little less scary.

Check out the fun:

November 15
Choosing Technology and Databases
Washington County Nonprofit Network
Beaverton, Oregon

This workshop will answer essential questions such as: Where does the data come from? Why would you choose some information and not other pieces to put in the database? How long do you keep data?  When do you have to move from a spreadsheet to a database and how do you know which one to choose? What basic “rules” should you follow when populating a database?

More information/registration

November 18
Metrics That Count
Advancing Our Service, Council for the Advancement and Support of Education District VIII
Tacoma, Washington

Metrics are commonplace in fundraising shops, but do they work? This presenter put one shop's frontline fundraiser metrics to the test using linear regression to see whether leading indicators such as personal visits and number of asks were actually correlated with major gift fundraising success. Learn how the results provided useful data for metrics design, and how to analyze the effectiveness of your own shop's metrics.

More information/registration

November 20
Rock Your Fundraising World with Pivot Tables
Association of Professional Researchers for Advancement - Northwest Chapter
Live Webinar

Pivot tables are a great way to look at your prospect data from many perspectives. This fundamentals-level webinar will show you some of the basics of pivot tables that will get you off and running with your prospect data! Presenters will help you learn to use pivot tables to quickly analyze, summarize, and visualize big data sets to help improve your prospect management efforts and work more efficiently.  Co-presenting with Jennifer MacCormack from the University of Washington.

More information/registration

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