Penelope Burk: Keynote Wrap Up

Penelope asked what donors what content in an annual report inspires them to give again? At the bottom of the list: the message from the chair! Yet, that's on the first inside page. Next session: Penelope will discuss her new book, Donor-Centered Leadership. I'll share some tidbits from that too. Coming soon.

Penelope is ending with a story about a man who had won "Philanthropist of the Year" in his community, had multiple plaques and awards, and had met several presidents. She asked him what the best recognition he'd ever received had been.

A small nonprofit development officer called him out of the blue and offered to meet with him and tell him what they'd been doing with his money. They had a 20-minute chat, and at the end, they stood up and went their separate ways. That was the best recognition he'd ever had.

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