Back in action

After a hiatus of nearly a year, Fundraising Nerd is back! The next few weeks will bring brand-new posts and some site design enhancements as I prep for a grand re-launch. The reborn Fundraising Nerd will include an expanded focus to cover some of the issues that have been preoccupying me in the past year.

Fundraising Nerd will still cover fundraising and technology, but I'll also be writing about leadership and management issues, including motivating people, managing time and priorities, dealing with stress, and communication. FN will highlight interesting and fun news, how-tos and analysis on these topics. Look for some fun new features as well, including an advice column ("Ask a Nerd").

It's great to be back! The last year's been crazy (hence the unplanned blogging hiatus), but I've learned a ton, and have a lot more to learn. I can't wait to share it with you.