Business Process Modeling on My Mind; OMG!

Dear readers, lately all I can think about is business process modeling. Oh, yet another exciting new thing to learn!

I am going to start here, with the OMG! (No, I'm not kidding: Object Management Group, with the most stunningly un-sexy website I have seen in quite some time.)

Despite the OMG site's austere appearance, "Introduction to BPMN," an article by Stephen A. White of the IBM Corporation, gave me some fantastic diagramming ideas.

(You will have to ignore explanatory text such as "The OMG is a likely candidate to eventually take in the BPMN standards and there have been discussions between BPMI and the OMG to facilitate this transfer in the future. Considering that the OMG is currently developing UML, which includes Activity Diagrams, it is possible that a consolidation of BPMN Business Process Diagrams and UML Activity Diagrams will take place." I am certain this makes sense to certain members of the OMG, if you know what I mean.)