AASP: Campaign Reporting

Phone battery dying... May not be able to live blog this one. Also,
it's on reporting, which is usually pretty chart-heavy and diificult
to summarize. That said...

Presenters: Caroline Chang (Stanford) and Kai Kamrath (Columbia)

*Stanford doesn't do soft credit! This shocks the crowd.

*Both Stanford and Columbia do campaign counting based on
"commitments" (outright gifts and pledges). Columbia does count pledge
payments on pledges made before the campaign began.

*Columbia has a code that allows them to include or exclude gifts that
are exceptions to their counting rules. For example, they received a
gift from the Sultanate of Brunei. This would generally be excluded
from counting, as a gift from a government. However, since the Sultan
basically "owns" the country, it was counted as a personal gift would

*Both Columbia and Stanford treat gifts from family foundations as
individual, rather than foundation, gifts.

Now, off to enjoy a glass of overpriced wine at the no-host reception
while my phone sips electricity.

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