Robot Uprising!

Is the Oregonian in an evil alliance with robot warriors?

Okay, not really.

But what else can explain them cutting the most compelling piece of this Chicago Tribune article on the rise of artificial intelligence and the coming robot wars?

Here's what was missing from Tuesday's Oregonian article:

"The conversation I'm hearing is less about a takeover," said Dennis Roberson, vice provost of new initiatives at Illinois Institute of Technology. "It's more insidious -- it's about bionic capabilities being implanted, working their way upward, getting closer to the brain."


"The way we think about technology, especially robots, is completely driven by science-fiction scenarios," said P.W. Singer, director of the 21st Century Defensive Initiative at the Brookings Institution and author of "Wired for War: The Robotics Revolution and Conflict in the 21st Century." He said that while researching his book he talked to a military officer whose ideas of what to build came from watching "The Empire Strikes Back."

"We don't have to reach a world where metal ones are coming for us," he said. "It's a reality. They're here. We've flown 7,000 drones in Iraq. You could argue we're in a robot war in Pakistan right now."

(I swear I have some research-related posts coming up. And, I am going to somehow find a way to blog more.)

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