Cyborg Implant!

If you haven't yet read the story of the man who replaced a missing half-finger with a USB drive-enhanced prosthetic, here it is. Please note the use of the phrase "beta finger" by Jerry Javala, software developer, and possessor of the beta finger.

For some reason, many find this gross (best subhead ever: "Technology has become so advanced that it can now be utilized in creepy and intriguing manners in the body." Thanks Australian Personal Computer!) when it is clearly AWESOME. So awesome.

I've recently come to the conclusion that the cyborg era will probably have more to do with thin conductive films that you can apply to your forehead (or something like that), than implants. This is a relief, as the prospect of surgery to put the internet in my brain was daunting.

However, if you have reason to use a prosthetic body part, why not make it into a digital multi-tool?

Anyway, dear readers, I am back from a long slog of moving and now it's out like a lamb!

Amanda Jarman2 Comments