Quick News Roundup (a.k.a. B.O.B. -- Borrowings from Other Blogs)

On lunch break. Very tired after long week. Still trying to hit that 150 posts in 2009 goal, so here's a quick news roundup:

Thanks to Librarian in Black for pointing out a January Information Today article on tech trends for 2009. A few that especially caught my eye, and which I believe will most affect fundraising tech:

  • Open source solutions looking increasingly attractive to companies cutting costs (and the longer the economy stays depressed, the more attractive they will be)
  • Increasing use of social networking services for communication (rather than email)
  • Increased data portability among systems
  • Enterprise search becoming increasingly more discovery-oriented, with easy browse and navigation powered by faceted metadata
  • New transparency in government with the Obama administration
  • Security and privacy remaining major concerns (this one is permanently on my watch list)

Check out the whole list here.

Thanks to Robert Frank over at the Wealth Report for Who Will Get Rich off the Stimulus? Wealth Report is one of my consistent favorites, and I have to restrain myself from continually re-posting everything Frank publishes.

And, earlier this week Dr. Larry Brilliant announced he was stepping down as the head of Google.org. First, I love the name "Dr. Brilliant," and wish that was my name. Secondly, the New York Times reports, "Google.org might curtail its financing of nonprofit groups unless they are closely aligned with Google projects. Dr. Brilliant said he would become chief philanthropy evangelist for Google."

That's all for now, dear readers. I haven't forgotten my promise to give you an RFM tutorial. As soon as I am able to think clearly again, count on it.

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