TuneUp: Software Friend

Track 7 by Unknown Artist.

That's pretty much what a lot of my music collection looks like. Thank god for TuneUp, a utility designed for the ubiquitous iTunes.

TuneUp decompresses each song to create a "uniquely identifiable acoustic fingerprint" and then uses Gracenote's database to find a match. Then it downloads information like the artist's name, song and album info, and even album covers. So. Awesome.

Frankly, the program's a sensitive system hog. But totally worth the trouble.

(And: full disclosure -- my music's on an external hard drive. Quel slow! It's much faster for folks with music collections on internal drives.)

And, it's rather cute. And smart. TuneUp is the software equivalent of an awesome friend who sometimes flakes out on you. But you love them anyway, because they are so fabulous. Even if their adorable interface is a bit confusing.

p.s. I just re-visited the TuneUp website, where they say "TuneUp is your music collection's new best friend." I swear I did not read that before making the above friend analogy.

Amanda Jarman1 Comment