Heartwarming Tale of Research

Today's Oregonian featured one of Margie Boule's weekly "human interest" stories, the heartwarming tale of Nicole Knect. Nicole found her long-lost mother with the help of a private investigator's services, which he had donated to a monthly radio program called "Lost Loves" on KUPL.

Researchers out there, you'll appreciate this tale. Using only the mother's incredibly common name, Patricia Lee; her age; and the names and ages of her siblings, investigator Steve Robinett was able to track Patricia down in a care home forty years after then-eight-year old Nicole last saw her.

Go researcher, go!

Though private investigators do a lot more hanging around in weird parking lots than do prospect researchers, professionally speaking at least, they also spend a lot of time with databases these days.

If I ever get tired of development research, I suppose I could always get an awesome mustache, a Ferrari, and a Smith & Wesson 1911. (Thanks internets -- it's hard to believe people actually spend time being concerned about what kind of gun Magum P.I. used, and that I have just somehow joined that crew. Thank goodness it's a small crew.)

Also, I am not kidding. Magnum P.I. is awesome.