Make your data more useful with a Data Cleanup Plan.

Create data cleanup plan          

Identify data hygiene issues, including address quality issues, and database fields or codes that have been used inconsistently. Create a cleanup plan for execution by your organization and Fundraising Nerd.  Fundraising Nerd will assess gift, biographical and notes data.

The data cleanup plan will prioritize cleanup tasks, and will estimate staff effort required for each task. Cleanup priority will be given to data that impacts donor stewardship (e.g. missing soft or matching credits, duplicate records with giving split between them) and/or your organization’s ability to analyze fundraising results.

Implement cleanup tasks

Some data cleanup tasks may be most efficiently completed using your database’s function to make mass updates. Fundraising Nerd will complete any data cleanup tasks that can be easily achieved in this way. Manual data cleanup will be performed by your organization’s staff, with coaching from Fundraising Nerd.


Assist your organization’s staff in executing the data cleanup plan by coaching, training and troubleshooting as needed. Fundraising Nerd will be available as needed and via scheduled check-ins to support your team.


help with data purchases

Fundraising Nerd will also suggest data enhancements as needed (e.g. third-party cleanses and appends) to improve the quality and completeness of biographical data such as address, phone, email, etc. Fundraising Nerd is happy to assist your organization with working with a third-party vendor, from vendor selection to data extraction, results review and import.


Please get in touch to discuss whether Fundraising Nerd’s Data Cleanup Plan can help you get your database cleaned up and ready to support your fundraising efforts and analysis.