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Coming Soon

Fundraising Nerd teaches nonprofit professionals and volunteers like you how to make donor databases work. Starting this spring, we'll offer free and affordable online lessons for busy people at all levels of technical savvy.

After working with hundreds of people at dozens of nonprofit organizations, we saw a common need: knowledge about donor data and database management. Fundraising Nerd is currently rebooting our company and our website so we can meet this need.

Right now, the entire Fundraising Nerd blog archive is available and searchable. We're updating the blog with new posts each week. And you're invited to join Fundraising Nerd's mailing list for exclusive subscriber-only updates, downloads, and invitations.

This website will feature more free resources including short videos and white papers. And we'll also introduce our affordable video lessons, books, and toolkits. Fundraising Nerd's learning materials are easy to understand, fun, and relevant to your daily work. You'll be able to put what you learn into use immediately, no matter your organization's size.

We'll cover database basics like gift and biographical data management, data hygiene, and reporting. We'll also delve into segmentation and major gift prospects. And we'll offer resources for people who need to select and implement new donor database software.