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Final day of CASE 8


Not much to report today.

My presentation went well, despite some sort of stomach bug. I decided to use it as a growth experience: presenting when you feel awful. I was surprised — the adrenaline enabled me to overcome my nausea. So, next time you're sick, try public speaking!

Unfortunately I had to skip the remainder of the sessions, because my nausea returned immediately after my presentation.

So, I've got nothing further to report, but thanks for following along with my little live-blogging experiment. (It still blows my mind that I can update my blog from my phone!)

4 thoughts on “Final day of CASE 8

  1. I’m sorry you’re not feeling well, but congrats on your presentation. Too bad I couldn’t be there.

  2. Amanda, you shared a lot of great information which, as a field officer will come in handy. Thanks for some of the tricks and tools. Wes Oliver, MGO @ Gonzaga University

  3. Amanda, your presentation was great! I saw it with my annual fund director, and we already have a training in mind for the gift officers using this info (and our own, of course).

  4. Brian, Wes & Jackie — Thank you all! I really appreciate the warm feedback. I love presenting to field officers! And Jackie, I am so happy that you can borrow to create a training program! That was my hope for any researcher-types in the crowd.

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