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See You in Seattle!


I’m off to the CASE VIII conference in Seattle, where I’ll be presenting a session titled “Beyond Google: Quick and Easy Prospect Research Tricks for Development Officers”.

Be forewarned: I may try some liveblogging from the conference, depending on how much I can get away with tapping away at my mobile phone.

Topics of speculation include: What’s up with the “airplane/flight” theme of the conference? How many people will actually be there, given cutbacks in professional development budgets? Similarly, how many sponsors/exhibitors ponied up to be there? Will Canadians be angry at my presentation, because it doesn’t really address Canada?

2 thoughts on “See You in Seattle!

  1. So did you piss off any Canadians??–brad

  2. None who said anything about it… but you know, Canadians are rather polite. Um, is that totally un-PC, like I’m stereotyping Canadians, even though it’s a positive stereotype? Yes, I just answered my own question. Sorry, Canadians. I take it back — some of you are grumpy and rude.

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